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The Dominican Hill, BAGUIO CITY

When i decide to go back and visit Baguio City, I want to explore further and  learn something new about this CITY. I don't want to go back to the mansion,mines view,burnham park, etc. the usual tourist spots. So i made a quick research and find this amazing place which is "THE DOMINICAN HILL" they said this is a 2nd haunted places in baguio city.

The Dominican Order in the Philippines decided in May 1911 to construct a vacation house on top of what was later called the Dominican Hill. It was a 17-hectare property the Dominicans acquired from the previous American owners. Construction work was believed to have started in 1913 under Fr. Roque Ruano and the building was inaugurated about two years later on May 23, 1915. To take advantage of tax exemptions, a school called Collegio del Santissimo Rosario was opened in June 1915 but due to the very small enrollment, the school closed two years later and the building was reverted back to the original plan of setting up a vacation house.
During the 2nd World War, Dominican Hill was occupied by refugees fleeing from the Japanese Army Liberation Forces. Later the Japanese forces bombed the refugees out which resulted in extensive damages to the main structure and the surrounding area. Reconstruction work started in 1947 and was completed in about a year

well that's me...
im so amazed with this old building, even though it's haunted.
From atop the hill you can see the whole of City Camp all the way to Burnham Park and the Baguio Cathedral. Towards the left one could see Quezon Hill, Camp Allen, the Baguio Public Market, Center Mall, the campus of Saint Louis University, and Quirino Hill. The Marcos Highway, Green Valley Country Club, and the Sto. Tomas mountain are also visible from Dominican Hill. At night when there are no clouds in the sky, it is a sight to behold to see the glow of the city lights blending beautifully with the twinkling stars in the heavens. The best time to visit the hill and to take photographs is between mid-afternoon and just about an hour before sunset when the sun is still shinning brightly on the city.

Cagbalete Island, Mauban Quezon

Cagbalete Island is a paradise located east of Quezon Province (in Luzon, north of the Philippines). Part of Mauban, Quezon, it rests along the waters of Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Though parts of the Island property has been privately owned, the water and place itself remains a rare jewel for a lot of locals living in the area.

 You have to leave 4am in the morning, too catch up the 1st boat ride in mauban Quezon going to cagbalete Island. it will take you 3-4 hours drive for less traffic and great view from the small cities you will pass by.
 That's me.... "THE DRIVER"

on our way to Mauban Quezon. this is "sampaloc city"
we pass by this heart lights at "sampaloc city" it was so amazing seeing this light. HAPPY VALENTINE.
Beautiful River view of Sampaloc City. it was a breath taking when you see this view.
Local houses in Sampaloc City.
Finally We made it in Mauban Quezon.

Whats so good about Cagbalete?
  • · It is home to a number of species of land animals and sea creatures
  • · It is also the habitat of the coconut crab or “kuray” (the Cagbalete favorite), starfishes, “alimasag”, “umang”, etc., and a long time ago, the “pawikan” (giant sea turtle).
  • · For divers and snorkeling-fanatics, underwater exploration is a treat with the diverse and colorful marine life that can be discovered beneath the rocks and corals.
  • · The changing of tides is very evident in Cagbalete.
- During low tide, the waters can move as far back as 1 kilometer, leaving the shore dry and exposing all the rocks and corals that may be underneath.
· Pine Trees are visible in the area but not as much as Anawangin in Zambales…This is the only place in Southern Part of Luzon where you can see “ Pine trees in the BEACH”  

"THE BOAT RIDE" going to the Island. 

The port where passenger boats to Cagbalete Island are stationed. Trips are scheduled at  10:00 AM and 4:00 PM daily, for P40-50 per person. The boats can ferry around 50-60 people. They usually drop off passengers at “Sabang”  although they sometimes drop off their passengers directly to the south eastern part of the island where the resorts Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Nino are located. You may also arrange a private boat through your resort.

If you are going to the Pansacola, Villa Cleofas or MVT Sto. NiƱo from Sabang, you can hire a small banca there for around P250.00 one way or you can take the 1.5 KM walk.


 "The Boat Ride" going to pansacola resort

 FINALLY ARRIVED at Cagbaleta Island. "Pansacola Resort"
"Pansocola Resort"


Eric "The Fire Starter" preparing our lunch.. camping style
After the long drive meet my friend JACK D.
it's time to relax and enjoy the view of Cagbalete Island at Pansacola Resort.

After Meeting Jack D. i finally decided to sit on my CHAIR.. hahaha

Photo taken by Enzo Mondejar visit his blog site for more info
 and that's me... Thank you Enzo :)

My Favorite VIEW "SUNSET" 

  • Swimming and Beach Hopping
  • Snorkeling/Scuba Diving (bring your own equipments)
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping/Picnic
  • Bird watching
  • Horseback riding
  • Beach Volleyball/Frisbee
  • Walk to the nearby Bonsai Island and see the century old bonsai plants
  • Visit the neighboring Baliscar Island and its lighthouse
  • Surfing/Skim boarding (Oct to Feb – bring your own board)
  • Watch the sunrise


Friday, February 24, 2012


This is nature’s sanctuary, enveloped in the realm of overgrown trees and jungle-foliage of various types. Subic Bay’s tropical rainforest is home to 3,000 types of trees and 10,000 varieties of plants as well as over one-thousand animal species, including bats, monkeys and wild pigs.
Breathtaking, is a word best used to describe the experience of riding canopies, walking cable bridges, and cable-sliding from one treetop to another while marveling at the vast array of surrounding flora, fauna and animal species. The keyword here is adventure; make sure you take friends and family members with you who are dear to your heart as you will long remember this bonding experience for a lifetime.


before anything else you have to go at the harness station,
safety 1st guys...

sheila, japs and me... getting ready for the canopy ride...

The Canopy Chair Lift ride can last anywhere from one to 1.5-hours depending on how long you take to disembark and linger at each station where you can take-in the fascinating jungle environment above, below and all around. You will become entirely-absorbed in the various sights and sounds, towering, unique trees, sunlight gleaming through thickly tangled vines, crisscrossed branches, wild underbrush, a flooring of fallen leaves, birds chirping and nature’s entirety filling your senses.

Me and Sheila "The Super Man" weeeeeeeeee......

Named after the comic and movie hero, the Superman experience offers you and your compares’ the opportunity to become superheroes in your own right. This ride is not for the feint-at-heart. If you choose to challenge yourself to this spectacular experience you will find yourself soaring 100 feet above the jungle floor on a cable suspension system. But unlike other adventure parks the cable and harness system suspends you horizontally, perpendicular to the cable. Yes, now you can feel what it’s like to fly through the air, free as a bird with your arms extended, just like Superman.

"60 foot bridge"



so scared at that time, but it was really FUN!!! I wanna do it again.... but taller version...

Tree-Drop Adventure Package
Serene as the jungle may seem, there is also something in it to quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. Flirt with gravity by rappelling down the side of a 60-foot tree! Each descent is a unique adventure as the park offer a variety of styles - the conventional, the spider style and the daring Australian style (face first!).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barasoian Church Malolos Bulacan

 since my parents lives in bulacan, i told my friends that the barasoain church is near my house in malolos, so i share them a short history about malolos bulacan and about barasoain church which is they seen it on the back of the P10 peso bill.

A national shrine, the historic Barasoain Church is the site of the Constitutional Convention of the first Philippine Republic, making the Philippines the very first Asian Government to promulgate a Constitution. It was the Seat of the First Philippine Republic on Sept. 15, 1898 to the last week of Feb. 1899 under the presidency of Pedro Paterno. In its convent the Universidad Literaria Cientifica de Filipinas was first housed. It also boasts of a light and sound museum under the management of National Historical Institute
 the Barasoain Church and a Blood Compact scene of the Katipuneros are featured on the reverse side. This banknote was circulated until the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas stopped printing this denomination in 2002 and was replaced by coins.
How to get to Malolos, Bulacan:

Commute to Barasoain Church: Board a bus to Bulacan (e.g. Baliwag Transit on EDSA, Cubao) and alight in front of Bulacan Provincial Capitol just after passing the flyover (viaduct) of Malolos crossing. Transfer to a jeepney/multicab with signboard Malolos (or ride a tricycyle) and drop off in front of Barasoain Church (on your right)

Driving directions to Malolos: From Makati, head towards EDSA then proceed to NLEX and take Tabang Exit (the exit immediately after the Shell gasoline station). The road (Manila North Road) will pass by Guiguinto then Malolos after a straight drive. When you reach the flyover at the so called Malolos Crossing, choose Ilalim to turn left to Paseo de Congreso where Barasoain Church is about 10 minutes from Crossing. Ample parking space available at the patio in front of the historic church.

Other historical places in Bulacan according to the official website of Bulacan Provincial Government:

Enriquez Ancestral House, Bulacan
Meyto Shrine, Calumpit
St. John the Baptist Church, calumpit
Barasoain Ecclesiatical Museum, Malolos
Basilica Minore de Immaculada Concepcion, Malolos
Bulacan Museum, Malolos
Casa Real Shrine, Malolos
Pinagrealan, Norzagaray
Tecson House, San Miguel
Marcelo H. del Pilar Shrine, Bulacan
Biak-na-bato National Park, San Miguel
Baliuag Museum, Baliuag
Old Train Statio, Guiguinto
Kakarong de Sili, Pandi
Mercado house, Bustos
Battle of Quingua, Plaridel
Bagbag Bridge, Calumpit


sheila and eric my two loka loka friends... :P
small park, way to the museum...