Monday, February 20, 2012

FOOD TRIP!!! at Aling Lucing Pampanga Angeles City

Aling Lucing's Sisig is the pride of Pampanga with its original location in the "riles" or located near the railroad in Angeles City (mental note: I'll blog about this original place one of these days :) Also, Aling Lucing is the Grand Slam Winner of the 3rd Sisig Festival in Angeles City held just last Dec. 2-3, 2005 besting 176 other contestants!!

Sisig, is a Kapampangan dish made from parts of a pig’s head, liver, seasoned calamansi (a small green citrus fruit that is very popular in Southeast Asia especially in the Philippines) and chili peppers. This dish is extremely popular and it ranks right up there with adobo, lechon, sinigang, tinola, and pinakbet among others in popularity amongst Filipinos. The recognized inventor of the dish is Lucia Cunanan (also known as Aling Lucing), with her trademark concoction developed in 1974 made of boiled and chopped pig ears and cheeks, mixed with chopped onions, chicken liver, calamansi juice, vinegar and served on sizzling plates. And this is how they cook the YUMMY sisig....

this what sisig looks like....and Sisig is a big part of the pinoy culture together with the Halo Halo and Balut, so this is a must try... Once you smell the Aroma of this Sizzling Sisig for sure you will LOVE it...

How to get there:

There are buses plying to the different parts of Pampanga daily from Manila, and these usually leave on an hourly basis. Buses like Victory Liner and Saulog Transit from Manila to Olongapo pass through San Fernando City. Philtranco, meanwhile, heads out directly to the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (left photo) and goes through Angeles City.
For the Candaba Wetlands, take the North Luzon Expressway and exit via signs on the right side of the road that say Candaba Wetlands. Alternatively, one can hire a car or a van (with or without a driver) from any of the car rental companies in Manila (Avis is the most reliable but also a bit costlier option.)
Motorbikes with sidecars (tricycles) and bicycles with sidecars are the primary mode of transportation in Angeles and San Fernando Cities as well as jeepneys.


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