Monday, February 20, 2012

Hidden Valley Spring Resort Laguna, Alaminos

The Hidden Valley Springs is a paradise that is awaiting to be discovered by you. Located between Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw, Hidden Valley Springs is a haven for nature lovers. This is a place where you can have peace of mind and capture the undisturbed abundant greens, sounds of waterfalls and the beauty of natural attractions that could rejuvenate you. The road to Hidden Valley Springs leads right to the heart of the jungle and leads to the water falls.  With a rustic architecture, Hidden Valley Springs blends right in with the natural jungle setting. The structures are made of wood, from the furnitures right up to the pathways which are made from molave railroad tiles that are recovered. Hidden Valley is place where time stops and Nature provides a relaxing show. Hidden Valley is a mountain resort sunk about 1,000 feet below sea level and harbors rare plants and animals. Eons ago, geologists believe, the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw created subterranean caverns around these now extinct volcanoes.

i've been here twice already and it's really relaxing and very secluded place, but this is really expensive places i ever been in laguna area. i recommend this place for second honeymooners,newly weds. perfect for overnight stay...

How to get there:
take the South Superhighway to Exit 52 (Batangas & Lucena) and heads towards Batangas. Turn left when you see the Junction Inn Mansion. When you reach the “Y” intersection, take the left lane going to Laguna City/Alaminos. Turn left when you see the Rural Bank of Alaminos, then turn right. Follow the signs to the resort about 4.5kms.


Money Savvy Fashionista said...

thanks! this is really helpful

mhizy said...

thanks for posting this, how much for a daytour?, just want to drop by on this paradise after the Mt. Makiling Climb, Thanks!

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