Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vigan Ilocos Sur

Vigan, the capital city of Ilocos Sur, evokes memo-ries of glorious past. Located in the Northern part of the Philippines, Vigan is 408 kilometers northwest of Manila and includes area of the China Sea as a buffer zone on the western side of the town. Vigan is a place where one could experience the Philippine life during the Spanish era.

the vintage street of vigan.... 

 Old Spanish houses on the street of Vigan... it was really nice to take a photo specially at night.

chubby chubby me, sitting on the side street... :P
St. Paul’s Cathedral - built in 1790-1800 by the Augustinians, this impressive Baroque  cathedral has most of its interior walls well preserved. The 12 altars and 3 naives only enhances the church beauty and grandeur. The bell tower is octagonal and is located 10 meters south of the cathedral. It is a place not to be missed when .

The Bell Tower... you can actually go upstairs and see the upper view of the ilocos.
 one of the delicacy of ilocos, "The Ilocos Empanada" basically the ingredients of Ilocos Empanada: rice flour for the crust with or without achuete; filling of egg and mongo sprout or parboiled mongo or grated green papaya for ordinary orders, and additional Ilocos longanisa for special. super YUMMY!!! your trip to ilocos will be not complete if you never tastes this super delicious dish of ilocos.
How to get there:
To get to Vigan City from Manila, you can get a bus or take a plane to Laoag City and take a bus ride to Vigan. There are many places to stay. Many ancestral houses have been turned into quaint hotels and inns. There are also many bars and restaurants offering a variety of local and international dishes.

Buses that ply Manila & Vigan daily (approx. 7 hours trip)






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