Friday, March 2, 2012

Baguio City FOOD TRIP!!!

The whole stretch of Session Road features a motley array of dining options. And don't get surprised to see a good number of authentic Chinese restaurants which have come up perhaps, taking advantage of the fresh and good varieties of vegetables that are found in Baguio. One of the most searched upon restaurants in Baguio City, Philippines is Star Café. It is located at 39 Session Road, Baguio City. This restaurant has been serving delicious Chinese food well before the dawning of the fast food age. So, just hop on to Star Café to have some really tasty Chinese cuisines.
Star Café is a great Chinese restaurant most famous for its Star Rice and Joey Rufino's personalized service. Star Café is an old restaurant which is there since 1940. People who visit there often like the typical Filipino panaderia (bakery). The bread is stacked out in the front as soon as it comes out from the oven at the back. There is an old TV set to watch for and you can see whatever you feel like from the morning news to hip hop music. People come in to buy a roll or two and if time permits, sit down for coffee and pandesal (bread roll) along with the morning daily.
breakfast menu...
"cinnamon bread" one of there specialty.. YUMMYY!!!
NEXT STOP... "FOREST HOUSE CAFE" take note most of the restaurant in baguio usually they use "bistro" or "cafe" hehehe..

Tucked unassumingly on one corner of the zigzagging road to Camp John Hay is one of Baguio's fancier restaurant.

The outer facade of the resto is quite unassuming, but once you enter the foyer, you know that this place is not your run-of-the-mill type of bistro.  Visitors are immediately greeted with colorful stained glass windows, vintage looking tiles and tall wooden columns supporting a vaulted translucent ceiling.  Past the portal, the interior is styled like a homey log cabin complete with a fireplace, wooden furniture and warm comforting sofas.  The place looks inviting even if the table set-up calls for a formal dinner.

"pakbet with bagnet"
"creamy chicken with mushroom"
"lengua estofado"
this is so YUMMY... i almost finish it before i took a photo..hehehe 

that's me... 


"strawberry TAHO"
Strawberry Taho. They are peddled on the street in the same tahometal containers balanced on bamboo poles on vendor’s shoulder. The taho is the same warm white bean curd with soft sago (tapioca balls) but flavored with fresh strawberry syrup instead of the usualarnibal (caramel). There is nothing more comforting than a sip of warm taho with the taste and aroma of Baguio while enjoying the cold weather strolling Burham Park or seeing the magnificent view at Mines View Park.

"dried squid and fish" to be grilled before serving. 
"squid balls,fish balls,hotdog,one day old(small chicken),quek quek(hard boiled chicken eggs dipped in orange batter and deep-fried)."

"sweet corn"
"walking coffee vendor" very nice idea..



Found at Km.3 along Marcos Highway in Baguio City, Ritos Restaurant is an excellent food service provider that offers numerous exciting and delectable dishes to local and foreign tourists within the area. Through the years, this place has maintained an outstanding reputation for combining delectable and great-tasting food with super fast and high quality service.


this is so perfect for the cold weather...YUM YUM!!!


the Oh my Gulay Restaurant will find you at the top floor of the La Azotea Building of Session Road.
The cuisine is generally vegetarian. The aura is simple and casual where the life time membership is recommended for every one who relishes vegetarian preparations. There are no reservations required to take a peep-a-boo in the Oh my Gulay Restaurant of Baguio. In the benquet dialect, Oh my Gulay literally connotes “vegetable”. This bistro is nestled in the arms of an archaic building which treasures so many unsaid and unheard tales. The delightful delicacies are prepared with loads of love and care. This is a small and cozy gourmet corner which can fit 50 people in one go.

i sure you the food was really good. I'm not that into veggies, but promise it was a very delicouse cuisine that i ever eaten in baguio city. Plus seeing all this houses,big boat,inside the building!! you'll be amazed. it was nice to hang out here around 8pm.

NEXT STOP.... coffee break

PNKY is a Home Bed & Breakfast, Café, and a Furniture & Home Accessories business. When I went to this place, my intention was just to sample their café’s specialties. But, there’s more to just discovering delectable food from this beautiful property. Here, owner Pynky Magsino shows off her collection of antiques, furniture, home decors, and paintings – and they are for sale!

the owner of the place love to travel and photography, when you visit pnky cafe you will see all the places and photos she have been. she's using lomography and polaroids.

"food menu" 

"ube crepe" 

"hot coco"

i went home to manila with a big tummy and memories that i experience in baguio city.  


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