I write this list long long time ago, hmmmmmm 2008??? so i decided to read it and do the checking. i have this wish list thing every year. but the funny part of it most of them i already done it by accident. it's like visualizing things that i want to happen to me by year. 

To tell you honestly, it really works.... so why don't you do your 500 list now and try it...

  1. Study the stars
  2. Sing even if you can’t
  3. Believe in magic
  4. Have a paper airplane distance contest
  5. Ever try bird watching – what about bird listening?
  6. Do your own thing all day
  7. Dream the afternoon away on a riverbank
  8. Enjoy a memory from the past
  9. Fall asleep on the lawn
  10. Get up early to watch the sunrise
  11. Have a picnic with some squirrels (KUNG MERON)
  12. Laugh out loud
  13. Listen to the language of the frogs or locusts
  14. Watch the moonrise
  15. Next time you see a rainbow, stop and really admire it
  16. Positive daydreaming
  17. Get on the radio
  18. Say hello to cows
  19. Take a ten-minute walk
  20. Test drive a really expensive car
  21. Watch others play
  22. The next time it’s really windy, find a safe place to lean into the wind
  23. Set up the tent in the backyard

  1. Figure out how to get yourself on TV
  2. Take a baseball bat to your alarm clock
  3. Feel the wind with a naked bungee jump
  4. Canoeing downhill (must be attempted on snow before attempting on dirt, and even then dirt is not really recommended)SANA MAY SNOW....
  5. Buy a Chia Pet and call it Chia Charlie
  6. Buffet climbing
  7. Color your hair green (when i get crazy)
  8. Take your couch to the beach or park
  9. Do a fake fall – falling down is funny
  10. Go dumpster diving and see what you can find
  11. When a phone solicitor calls, say “I’m on my tractor” or “I wear a helmet”
  12. Figure out how to defy gravity
  13. Set some lobster traps (even if you live inland)
  14. The next time you get fortune cookies – add “in bed” to the end of every fortune
  15. Play Frisbee at night
  16. Gather a list of people’s ideas of what cheap thrills are
  17. Leave your watch at home for a whole week
  18. Fiddle around with a Ouija board
  19. Visit a palm reader
  20. Rock skiing (that’s downhill skiing without snow)
  21. Sandboarding (snowboarding on sand)
  22. Send a gift in an unused air sickness bag
  23. Shave your head (maybe if I'm really really crazy)
  24. Three-legged softball or soccer (players are paired off, then each player has one leg tied to their partner’s)
  25. Run frantically down the beach
  26. Go out on the town dressed in drag
  27. Square dance in water
  28. Stuff a phone booth with people
  29. Swim in the buff
  30. Get your tea leaves read
  31. Take your TV outside
  32. Have a wheelbarrow race
  33. Underwater running (carrying heavy objects underwater so that you can run along the bottom)
  34. Voice your opinion where no one can hear you
  35. Get some water guns
  36. Visit a numerologist
  37. Ask a stranger if you can try their ice cream cone
  38. When you see someone picking their nose, pick your nose too
  39. Make faces at strangers to make them laugh
  40. Play underwater hockey 
  41. Balance something on a cat 
  42. Take a nap in a stranger's hammock
  43. Go to the supermarket and get dehydrated space food 
  44. Let a helium balloon float up to your ceiling and throw things at it to pop it 
  45. Find an address to your favorite famous person and write them a letter. See if they write you back 
  46. Ask for a picture from this person
  47. Sneak around on a neighbor’s property and try not to be seen  
  48. Attach a video camera to a remote control car. Spy around
  49. Play scrabble without using real words. All words must sound phonetically and have a meaning
  50. Play a board game backwards
  51. Try to hypnotize someone
  52. Every time you see an animal, make its noise. (I saw a beaver once, and didn't know what to do!) 
  53. Go to the arrival gate at the airport and watch people being reunited 
  54. Go to an amusement park dressed in costume 
  55. Play “fly on the Wall”. Duct tape contestants to the wall and see who stays up the longest
  56. Put a bunch of Barbie pieces in a tub of water and play “Bobbing for Barbie’s” 
  57. Pretend its your birthday, have cake and presents. its up to u to decide whether or not you'll tell your guests that it really isnt your birthday 
  58. Throw around an invisible ball and see if you can get people to join you in a game of catch 
  59. Tape your friend up and send them down an elevator 
  60. Put on a white smock and find a ruler and a clipboard. Go to a mall and spend the afternoon asking strangers to let you measure parts of them 
  61. Spend 10 minutes talking directly into a corner mailbox. Be sure people hear you apologizing profusely, promising to be good from now on, and calling the box “Babycakes.” 
  62. Go to the local police station and tell the desk officer that a dog told you bad things were going to happen today and they should be prepared

  1. Go to a multiplex cinema and see how many movies you can go to on one ticket before you get kicked out
  2. Find a natural hot springs and go for a skinny dip
  3. Make a humorous crank phone call
  4. Play spin the bottle
  5. Read a dirty book
  6. Pursue a sexual fantasy
  7. Shower with a friend
  8. Take toilet paper from the pub bathroom and go crazy
  9. Hot tub tour (seek out and visit as many hot tubs in your area as you can in one evening)
  10. Water balloon or pie someone
  11. Break into a friend’s house and clean it
  12. Go get some chocolate sauce, pour it on a friend and clean it up according to the relationship you have with the friend.
  13. Play knicky knicky nine door (where you knock on someone's door and run away)
  14. Moon someone as you drive-by
  15. Stick your tongue out at someone
  16. Play strip poker
  17. Flirt with people
  18. Get your num nums rubbed
  19. Experience life as a redhead. or at least experience life WITH a redhead sometime!
  20. Write to your high school teacher and reveal the crush that you once had on them. Remind them that you are now legal
  21. Run through the forest with only your boots on and someone exciting
  22. Go to a cougar bar
  23. Sneakily get the eggs from someone's refrigerator and hard-boil them all. Then put them back where you found them.
  24. Place a small washer and nut on top of a door hinge in a high traffic zone in a public building. Watch how different people react when they think they've broken the door. 
  25. Make prank calls to your friends
  26. Rent a car for a day, pay buy cash only and have fun with it.
  27. Try to play checkers while having sex
  28. Try reading out loud while having sex 
  29. Try to get a cop to handcuff you for no reason
  30. Write "sexual favors" in the memo space on your checks
  31. Moon or flash someone
  32. Keep a mini water gun with you when you go to the mall. Inconspicuously shoot people as they walk by and watch for their reactions
  33. Put condoms in other peoples' carts and follow them to the checkout and watch their expressions when they discover what was in their cart
  34. Go streaking yelling I love my skin 
  35. See how many people you can hug or kiss while you are out
  36. Rearrange the letters on the marquee outside an elementary school so they spell we eat children!
  37. Get a Medic Alert bracelet that reads frequently requires oral-genital resuscitation. Then go to a hospital and pass out in front of a cute nurse. 

Love and Dating
  1. Have a chocolate fondue date
  2. Drink a bottle of jack Daniel's
  3. Go to a movie with the most letters or the least letters
  4. Have a candlelit supper under the stars
  5. Hide candies and chocolates for lovers and friends
  6. Leave secret love notes
  7. Kiss someone you really like who doesn’t know it yet
  8. Make breakfast in bed for your lover
  9. Make love
  10. Take a romantic holiday
  11. Make love in a barn
  12. Take a second honeymoon
  13. Wrestling with someone you love
  14. Try a dating service
  15. Do some Viagra experiments
  16. Play adult Twister
  17. Go into your partner's closet and hide little notes in the pockets of clothing they don't wear often
  18. When your partner's traveling without you, sneak their favorite stuffed animal, picture, candy or childhood book in their suitcase
  19. Put your lover on your to do list 
  20. Send anonymous secret admirer notes to someone
  21. Get Married in beach or garden
  22. Stand about 3 feet apart and try to toss popcorn into your lovers mouth
  23. If you're going to get married, make sure there's a tuba player in the wedding band
  24. Have a Lady & the Tramp dinner. Buy super-long spaghetti noodles, set the table with a red-checkered cloth and don't forget the candle in the raffia-wrapped wine bottle. Have the video playing while you eat.
  25. Pretend not to like the person you really like
  26. Just have sex
  27. Blindfold yourself then fedd you date messy food like strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce
  28. Have a tickle party only for you and someone "special" 
  29. Put an olive on every one of your fingers (and/or toes) and have someone else bite them all off 

  1. Rock climbing
  2. Ice climbing
  3. Do a twenty-five-mile bike ride
  4. Get yourself into a dune buggy
  5. Enjoy the awesome power of a big storm
  6. Fencing (the sport, not the act of building one)
  7. Go four-wheel driving
  8. Get a tattoo ( cherry blossom)
  9. Do a round of speed golf (golfing as fast as you can)
  10. Go hang gliding
  11. Heli-hiking, Heli-skiing, Heli-anything
  12. Go for that hot-air balloon ride
  13. Sea kayaking
  14. Land luge
  15. Mountain biking
  16. Next time it hails, put a bucket over your head and test how big the hailstones are
  17. Paintball
  18. Paragliding
  19. Ski/golf/sail all in one day
  20. Skydiving
  21. Go to the airport and take a plane to anywhere
  22. Practice stilt walking
  23. Quit your job
  24. Go water rafting
  25. Build a raft like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and float down the river
  26. Train for and enter a triathlon
  27. Build and fly an ultra light
  28. Whitewater canoeing
  29. Do a fire walk
  30. Go to a nude beach
  31. Go to your local scuba diving shop and learn how to dive, go for a dive in the first water you can find
  32. Go bushwhacking while blindfolded through the forest with a pal. Make sure you don’t bushwhack your pal
  33. Ride a tandem bike, definitely!
  34. Walk in a small stream and see where it takes you
  35. Make a boat and see if it floats with you in it 
  36. Fly a kite attached to your bike  
  37. Bike ride down the steepest hill you can find
  38. Get a group of fun-loving adventurous girlfriends together .
  39. Dye your hair hot pink (maybe soon)
  40. Buy a net for your trampoline, stick the hose through one of the holes and turn it on full blast 
  41. Dodge barbed-wire fences at night.
  42. Run a mile
  1. Join the mile high club
  2. Rent a limo and driver for the day
  3. Spent P100000 in a shopping mall in 15 minutes
  4. Hire a masseuse or six
  5. Go to the most expensive restaurant in town
  6. Hire a chef, a motor home and go on a camping trip
  7. Fly first class to Tahiti
  8. Stay at any Hyatt for a month
  9. Go for a helicopter ride
  10. Buy a helicopter
  11. Go Heli-skiing for a month
  12. Invite all your friends and family to Hawaii, your treat
  13. Hire a pilot and airplane to take you somewhere exciting
  14. Play horse polo
  15. Rent a Ferrari for a day
  16. Get your pilot’s license 
  17. Take your lover to stay in the Presidential Suite at the fanciest hotel in town
  18. Phone NASA and book a space trip
  19. Go on a first class round the world trip
  20. Buy a castle
  21. Invest in a harem
  22. Buy a Picasso
  23. Buy a P50000 bag
  24. Gold plate your bathroom
  25. Save the world from hunger
  26. Buy the bar a round
  27. Give P10,000 to charity
  28. Buy a diamond bra
  29. Throw a wallet full of money off a tall building
  30. Catch a flight to the nearest active Volcano
  31. Eat a kilogram of Almas Caviar (about P100,000)

  1. Find a quiet place for a rocking chair ride
  2. Drink coffee in the morning sunshine
  3. Feed the ducks at the park
  4. Get a blanket and a book and find a place to park it
  5. Get a therapeutic massage
  6. Give shoulder massages
  7. Spend some quality time with a hammock
  8. Eat your dinner on the beach or by a lake
  9. Hire a foot masseuse
  10. Go lounge on the deck
  11. Have a mud bath
  12. Nap
  13. Pick a favorite place to watch the sunset or sunrise and go there often
  14. Read the newspaper at a park
  15. Rest under your favorite tree
  16. Watch the Saturday morning cartoons
  17. Read all night and sleep all day
  18. Sit and think somewhere
  19. Sleep in a treehouse
  20. Smell the roses
  21. Snuggle with gentle creatures
  22. Spend the entire morning in bed
  23. Visit a steam room
  24. Unplug the phone and take a bubble bath
  25. Walk barefoot in the park
  26. Watch the clouds drift by
  27. Get some flowers for yourself
  28. Wear your pajamas all day
  29. Go to an old book store, buy a book, and read the whole thing
  30. Sleep 
  31. Go to bed and dream! 

  1. Blow bubbles with bubble gum
  2. Have a water fight with the garden hose
  3. Have a pajama party
  4. Get a bubble blower and then blow some
  5. Learn some magic tricks
  6. Get yourself the coolest lunch box money can buy
  7. Buy some crazy socks
  8. Play with some children’s toys
  9. Draw with chalk on the road
  10. Put on some big rubber boots and go puddle-jumping
  11. Climb a tree
  12. Start a pillow fight
  13. Buy some comic books
  14. Do some crayon art
  15. Cut out photos and paste them on popsicle sticks and have a puppet show
  16. Experiment with makeup
  17. Go buy a whack of firecrackers
  18. Flip some coins into a fountain
  19. Give balloons to people
  20. Wade for minnows
  21. Do some hula-hooping
  22. Go fly a kite
  23. Play kick the can
  24. Iddy Biddy Indy (buy some remote-control cars, set up a track, call your friends and have your own darn Indy Race)
  25. Play with marbles
  26. Paint your car with stripes or polka dots (just make sure you use paint that will wash off)
  27. Play-doh 
  28. Ride a Pogo stick
  29. Roll down a hill
  30. Get a Slinky and play with it
  31. Spin until you’re dizzy
  32. Take off your shoes and splash your feet in a fountain
  33. Set up a treasure hunt
  34. Have a water balloon fight
  35. Racing mini motorized boats or planes
  36. Partake in some yo-yoing
  37. Stand on your head
  38. Have a food stand
  39. Put a bell on your bicycle
  40. Play hide-and-go-seek
  41. Get some chalk and play hop-scotch
  42. Ride the kiddy rides, especially the ones in the mall
  43. Run a model train
  44. Ride a tricycle as if you were 4 years old again
  45. Blow bubbles on a child's belly
  46. Make a bridge across a stream or river. Be creative.
  47. Play Tag 
  48. Go to the park and play with the kids
  49. Look for shapes in the clouds
  50. Be the first to jump in the freezing cold swimming pool
  51. Chase the ice cream truck
  52. Learn how to fake an accent
  53. Get another person to help you, a blanket or sheet, and go somewhere you probably won't hurt yourself if you fall. Then have your friend hold one end of the sheet and start spinning so the blanket twists around you, then get your friend to pull his end of the blanket reeeeaally hard and you should spin around till u run out of sheet.
  1. Ride every ride at the carnival
  2. Go to an outdoor café
  3. Start a herb garden
  4. Go on a rock find
  5. Go to your nearest trampoline and bounce
  6. Play croquet with party beverages
  7. Play backgammon outdoors somewhere
  8. That old favorite – badminton
  9. Go to an afternoon baseball game
  10. Put up a basketball hoop
  11. Go to the beach with sandwiches and a fantastic friend
  12. Enter a running race
  13. Bike around your local university campus
  14. Go boating 
  15. Dig out an old washtub and fill ’er up on a hot day
  16. Bodysurfing
  17. Learn to throw a boomerang
  18. Canoe at dawn
  19. Have a classic movie night outside with friends
  20. Play with some children’s toys
  21. Go to a classical concert outdoors
  22. Cook your breakfast on an outdoor fire
  23. Swim at the pool
  24. Yee-ha – take a hayride
  25. Build a sandcastle
  26. Summer snowball fight (if you have an indoor ice arena close by, there should always be a big pile of snow at the side of the building – just take a couple of coolers and fill them up with snow, then go to the beach when it’s 90 degrees and have a snowball fight)
  27. Learn a new water dive
  28. Float down a slow river on a tube
  29. Watch fireflies light their bums up
  30. On a super hot day, get a kiddy wading pool – fill it up – then sit in it for most of the afternoon
  31. Swim in a lake or a river
  32. Celebrate on the beach with an ice cream fight - then dive in with your clothes on 

Places to Go
  1. Go to the local fish jail (the aquarium)
  2. Go to the flea market
  3. Go-karting
  4. Visit your local science center
  5. Go watch a lacrosse game
  6. Have dinner at your local murder mystery theater
  7. Go to the observatory on a star-filled night
  8. Go see a first-class pyrotechnics show
  9. Check out a rock concert
  10. Watch a live rugby game
  11. Ride your nearest roller coaster
  12. Hang out at the local roller rink
  13. Go to the symphony
  14. Tour a TV studio
  15. Visit your closest arts display
  16. Visit a beekeeper
  17. Go to local children's sporting events and cheer loudly
  18. B-I-N-G-O and bingo was the game-o
  19. Go to a lecture or panel discussion
  20. The library
  21. Garage sale and see who can get the best deal for a P100 PESOS
  1. Keep a squirt gun in your vehicle and have it loaded at all times
  2. Freely distribute mini bottles of blowing bubbles in crowded public places
  3. Have your photo taken with as many strangers as you can possibly befriend in one night just walking down the street 
  4. Play word games in drinking establishments. See how many people you can get in on the story  
  5. Have your caricature done
    Hum the "Mission Impossible" theme loudly in hardware stores 
  6. Start your own poll with an unexpected and useless question...Do you think
  7. George Bush cleans up if he tinkles on the wall? Send the results to someone in the media 
  8. Do the a Dance on a table in public
  9. Take a video camera and dress up in a red t-shirt and khakis. Pretend you work at Target, and ask people if they need help. Video tape everything! 
  10. Play the keyboard at the organ store 
  11. Order a pizza while you’re at the beach
  12. Wear a wig in the most unpredictable circumstance
  13. Skip to the grocery store from your car, or ride (in) the buggy back 
  14. Spend the day at a fair and street market. 
  15. Give someone you just met a fake name for yourself.
  16. Have a sumo wrestling match in the middle of a mall
  17. On a cold day get a big blanket and walk around an outdoor mall saying to different people "I'm warmer than you!" 
  18. Play flash light tag in a crowded place at night
  19. Go into a store all dressed up with some friends and say your a movie star(see how many people you can convince)
  1. Go to Hawaii
  2. Go to the Grand Canyon
  3. Go prospecting for gold
  4. go to canada
  5. go to australia
  6. go to thailand
  7. go to korea
  8. go to japan
  9. go to singapore
  10. go to vietnam
  11. go to russia
  12. go to africa
  13. go to vegas
  14. go to l.a
  15. Take a jeep tour in Arizona
  16. Just go out the door and start meandering
  17. Fill your tank with gas – drive till it’s half gone and come back
  18. Take a bus to a small town just to spend a few hours exploring
  19. Go explore caves for an entire holiday
  20. Go to a cricket match in a country where cricket matters
  21. Take a ride on a dinner train
  22. Figure how to get your butt to Disneyland in the next six months
  23. Swim with dolphins
  24. Drive up and down main street blaring your favorite tunes
  25. Escape to a Bed & Breakfast
  26. Extend your vacation by staying at friends and hostels
  27. Visit a farm
  28. Find a peaceful countryside and stay there for a while
  29. Find some sand dunes to run down
  30. Go stream fishing
  31. Go for a glass-bottom boat ride
  32. Try Alaska during summer solstice
  33. Go beachcombing for driftwood and cool stones
  34. Take a spontaneous road trip
  35. Hike to a waterfall
  36. Rent a houseboat for a week
  37. Get a hovercraft ride
  38. Get a ride in a Hummer
  39. Look at your city through tourists’ eyes
  40. Take an orienteering class
  41. Get a ride on a paddle wheeler
  42. Go to your nearest national park
  43. Play in the waves
  44. Take an RV trip
  45. Sailing
  46. Take a train ride
  47. Go scuba diving in a place where God wanted to show the world just how beautiful it can be
  48. Collect some sea shells from the seashore
  49. Shower in a waterfall
  50. Snorkel
  51. Urban exploration – explore your own area
  52. Take a weekend trip by yourself
  53. Whale watching
  54. Next time you go to the airport, take a limo
  55. Stay in a hostel
  56. When stopped at a red light in your car when the light turns green everyone jump out of the vehicle, run around it, jump back in and take off
  57. Visit New Orleans at least once
  58. Take the highway and drive as far as you can. See where you end up 
  59. Get tickets to a random country like Latvia or Lithuania. Go to that country and find fun 
  60. Rent a 15 person van, load it up with people and go to your nearest beach resort
  61. If you're a passenger in a car, put your hands/feet/head out the window on a long deserted stretch of road where you can drive fast! 
  62. Spend a night in a themed hotel room with friends 
  1. Sneak your friends into a drive-in movie
  2. Use humor to cheer up a sick friend
  3. Write a long letter to an old friend
  4. Make friends with a cop
  5. Have dinner with the old people you know
  6. Shoot a whole roll of film in one day
  7. Talk among friends about your favorite childhood injuries
  8. Visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time
  9. Kidnap some friends/family and go out for breakfast in your pajamas
  10. Share a book by reading out loud to one another
  11. Buy a kiddy pool for your backyard and invite everyone over for a pool party
  12. Taking digital pictures of your friends and adding funny captions to them.
  13. Have an armpit fart contest with your friends 
  14. Make an audio tape letter and send to a friend
  15. Make a fun movie with your video camera (make one with your friends too) 
  16. Get your friends camera and take lots of pictures of people they don’t know (Include a moon shot or two)
  17. Replace the meat in your friends sandwich with cardboard 
  18. Have a chick flick sleepover party 
  19. Have the guys over for Beer and pizza 
 then here are my 2010-2011 TO DO LIST:

this list was written on my pink diary......

  1. Long relationship boyfriend
  2. Celebrate my birthday with someone special (boyfriend)
  3. Travel abroad with Boyfriend
  4. Watch a movie alone
  5. Travel (local and abroad) alone
  6. Go to a dance club with boyfriend
  7. Sleep together (boyfriend)
  8. Go to church with your hunny
  9. Cook something for Him
  10. Run marathon with your hunny
  11. Walk alone at manila bay
  12. Build a small business
  13. Zip line and Tree drop at Subic
  14. Learn/join capoiera
  15. Study Hip-Hop Dance
  16. Back to school
  17. Study Pole dancing
  18. Buy a dream house
  19. Go to palawan
  20. Sing on stage
  21. Open a blog about traveling
  22. Cliff jump
  23. Buy new lens for my camera
  24. Go camping 2 times
  25. Study mandarin
  26. Study how to put makeup
  27. Buy jeans
  28. have a sweet date with your hunny atleast 3x
  29. have a movie date with your hunny
  30. Buy Xbox
  31. Quit my job
  32. Study firedance
  33. Pillow fight with your boyfriend
  34. Meet new friends
  35. Be a theme wedding organizer
  36. Be prenap stylist
  37. Make over myself
  38. Be bridalshower organizer
  39. Spa whole day
  40. migrate in Australia
  41. Clean up your boyfriends room
  42. Have a extreme/adventure trip together(boyfriend)
  43. Keep travel money(share with boyfriend)
  44. Go to a stand up comedy with your hunny
  45. Diet crazy no small amount for dinner
  46. Drive whole day
  47. Do a bungee jump
  48. Visit paco park (take a photo)
  49. Make a photo travel with your boyfriend
  50. Movie marathon 
  51. Cook together
  52. Apply/find a job in Australia 
  53. Earn lots of money.


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